About TeamChase

TeamChase is an events company based in Edinburgh. We specialise in digital treasure hunt team building activities. We can run our events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond – in fact, we can run them anywhere in the world!

Our events are interactive, innovative and inspirational. They create the perfect conditions to foster teamwork, cooperation, creativity and learning in a fun and enjoyable way. Your staff will end their event feeling energised, motivated and with huge smiles on their faces.

Rather than offering every imaginable team building event format under the sun, we specialise in digital treasure hunts. This means that all of our focus, energy and passion are channelled to making our treasure hunt events the best there is!

Where did TeamChase begin?

The technology behind TeamChase was first developed in Spain in 2012. Since then, it has underpinned over 3,500 high-quality team building events throughout Europe and USA. That’s over 200,000 very satisfied customers! We are now proud to be able to bring this technology to events in Scotland and England.

Uniquely designed around you

Our experienced events team will work with you to create an event that meets your every need and desired outcome. No brief is too challenging for us, and we can customise all events to fit your demands. Want to add some custom company branding to the game screen? No problem. Want us to add some extra challenges in that reinforce your company’s values? Easy. Want us to create a brand new treasure hunt that is unique to your company? Bring it on.

Photo & Video Challenges

Have fun while earning points for your creative photos & videos.

Bespoke Questions

We will make sure that your message will get across.


Sometimes you will need to interact with people or real life objects. Big points here!

A-B-C-D Questions

Work as a team to eliminate wrong answers and find the right one.

Special Challenges

Teams might need to watch videos as part of a challenge, such as working out ‘what happened next?’.

Time Limits

This adds a sense of urgency to any task and tests fast decision-making skills!


Feedback form included at the end of the event for measurable results.

Intro Video

This will set the right atmosphere and make sure that teams understand the briefing.


Customers thought event was "mind-blowing" or "exceeded their expectations"


Customers would recommend using TeamChase for your next team building activity

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“TeamChase was a great experience! We did the 2.5 hour SpyChase challenge, when our management team met up in Edinburgh last week, and it was very much enjoyed by everyone! A very fresh and new way to team build, with excellent technology! Would definitely recommend for a team building activity!”

– Meltwater, Edinburgh, Kirsty Johnston

“CityChase was a super fun and incredibly well-organised event. Incorporating a clever use of technology, competing groups had to race around the city and solve a variety of challenges with hilarious results. We soon found different team members had different strengths and surprising talents. It was a great way to get to know your team and was the best day out I’ve had in a long time. Highly recommend.”

– Aberdeen, Sarah Loh

“Perfect for team building! SpyChase was a very well planned, fun and energetic activity. Martina was very helpful with organisation throughout the whole experience and everyone had a great day.”

– KPMG, Glasgow, Corrinne McNeillis

About TeamChase

We are an events company based in Edinburgh, Scotland – though we can run our fully managed team building activities anywhere in the world. Our outdoor digital treasure hunts turn the city into a playground. Using our unique iPad app, each team will race around the city triggering GPS hotspot challenges along the way. Take your team to the next level with our bespoke events – greater productivity, better communication, boosted creativity.

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