GPS Treasure Hunts – Now Featuring Augmented Reality And QR Scanning

What features can be included in a TeamChase GPS treasure hunt?

At TeamChase we aim to innovate our challenges to keep our corporate team building activities fresh. Our GPS treasure hunts make use of new technology as it becomes available, such as the new augmented reality tools that iPads now feature. We also incorporate QR code scanning, creative photo and video challenges and bespoke branding to your event.

The challenges that your staff will undertake will call on a wide range of skills – ideal for building teamwork and helping colleagues identify the strengths of their co-workers.

Here is a sample of the different types of challenge that we can feature. Don’t forget – all tasks are fully customisable if you want your company or brand to be reflected in the challenges.

Be The First

Challenges can be set so that only the first team to reach that hotspot can complete the challenge. Big points here for the fastest team.

Wild Card

Exchange your wild card for a one-off hint from the event manager. Useful to help your team overcome the trickier challenges.

Treasure Chests

Use your treasure hunting skills to track down the virtual treasure chests. These earn you extra points or unlock secret bonus challenges.

Time Limits

Tasks can have time limits placed on them. This adds a sense of urgency to any task and tests fast decision-making skills!

Digital Enemies

It’s not just your rivals you need to watch out for – we can introduce virtual enemies into the mix. These move around the map, and if they ‘catch’ you, your team loses points.

Onscreen Mapping

An intuitive map allows teams to quickly compare their location to the GPS challenge hotspots. They can switch between street/satellite/hybrid view and check up on their rivals’ positions!

Audio Challenges

Audio clips can provide clues for challenges – for example, identifying a piece of music, deciphering some Morse code or recognising a famous voice they can hear.


If teams find themselves in an area with poor data connectivity, they will still be able to complete challenges. When their iPad picks up a signal again, their data will sync up with the game.

Back Office Game Control

We have a full control at all times. We communicate with teams through instant messages, push bonus challenges to teams’ iPads, score the teams creative challenges, turn off the scoreboard as the game nears it’s conclusion to build suspense and much more.

Optional Staffed Checkpoints

Teams must interact with a strategically positioned member of our staff – this could be a clue to a future task, a way to find the answer to an ongoing task, or an entirely new creative task of its own.

Virtual Maps

We can create a custom map overlay to spice up any location. This can simply incorporate your company branding or be more complex, such as creating an entirely new cityscape in an otherwise featureless area! Your imagination is the limit.

Video Challenges

Teams might need to watch videos as part of a challenge, such as working out ‘what happened next?’.  They will also need to record their own videos as a response to challenges – perfect for budding Hollywood stars in your company!

Our Special Minigames

All of these can be custom branded to meet  the needs of your company:

Quiz Wheel

Rotate the wheels to match up complimentary words or phrases. These could range from simple synonyms, fun trivia facts and fiendish wordplay puzzles to words that match your company’s principles.

Bespoke Puzzle

We can turn any image into a digital puzzle. Teams must beat the clock to slide the pieces together and recreate the original image. This might be a clue to a later puzzle, a hint to the next location or a custom image to reflect your company’s brand.

Pair Up

Flip cards and try to match identical images against the clock. These images are also fully customisable and can easily reflect your company’s branding or message.

Digital Weapons – Fire

Temporarily disable your opponents’ iPads to gain a competitive advantage!

Digital Weapons – Broken Screen

Temporarily disable your opponents’ iPads to gain a competitive advantage!

Digital Weapons – Inverted Screen

Temporarily disable your opponents’ iPads to gain a competitive advantage!

Digital Weapons – Hearts

Temporarily disable your opponents’ iPads to gain a competitive advantage!

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