What’s The Objective Of Your Next Corporate Event?

Let our team events work for you! Whatever you’re aiming for from your next corporate event, we can provide the solution. Our team events have many applications and a wide range of benefits.

Whether you want to reward good performance, foster closer working relationships or energise your staff before pushing for your next big target, our corporate event will provide what you need.

We like to think that the city is your playground. Unleash your staff in the real world to experience a day like no other, get to know one another better and build their teamwork skills. A member of our experienced events team will guide your staff through an event that’s uplifting, interactive and memorable.

Our GPS treasure hunts can be tailored to suit whatever you’re looking for.

Events For Big Groups

Whether you want to hold the corporate event for 10 people or 500, we can match the event to your needs. We can give each team a unique route through the challenges to make sure all teams have the space to enjoy themselves. The variety of tasks will call on a wide range of skills so everyone will get their chance to shine throughout the day.

Corporate Team Building Activity

Whether you are looking to reward your team for their good work, increase their motivation and productivity or reinforce your company values and beliefs, our team experiences can help. Your staff will have to cooperate and communicate to solve the challenges during the event. This will improve teamwork skills and foster better relationships between colleagues. Event finale is guaranteed to provide fun memories your staff will be laughing over for months after the event.

Bespoke Event

We’ve created team events that all companies will enjoy playing. However, if you want to inject a more personalised feel to your team experience then your wish is our command. We can tailor our existing team events to incorporate your company colours, branding and values. We can add in company specific questions… or even create a brand new, bespoke event that’s unique to your company.

Learning & Development

People learn best when they’re immersed in a fun and engaging task. Our events can present your learning and development objectives through a fun and interactive gaming experience. Your staff will come away with an enhanced understanding of the key points and an enjoyable experience they’ll always remember.

Orientation & Onboarding

Do you want your next onboarding event to leave your new recruits feeling energised?  We will help to quickly build working relationships between new staff members whilst also imbuing them with your company’s values and culture. If they need to get to know the local area (on- or off-site) then ditch the paper maps and traditional tour guides. Our events will immerse them in their new surroundings in an interactive and fun way.

Indoors Events

Take the fun inside! We can customise our team event so challenges are triggered via image recognition or hidden QR codes. Perfect if you wanted to host your event in your office, a local museum, a country hotel… your imagination is the only limit. We can create specialised indoor maps and load them into our app – no challenge is too big for us.

Product Launches & Brand Activation

Looking to launch your new product or brand in a way your audience will never forget? We can create an event that will lead your audience to learn the key features, unique selling points and benefits that your new product provides.

Seasonal Events

We can help you celebrate in style, any time of the year. Whether it’s a spooky spectacular for Halloween, a cracker of a Christmas event or an eggsellent Easter extravaganza, our team experiences will bring out the seasonal fun for all.

About TeamChase

We are an events company based in Edinburgh, Scotland – though we can run our fully managed team building activities anywhere in the world. Our outdoor digital treasure hunts turn the city into a playground. Using our unique iPad app, each team will race around the city triggering GPS hotspot challenges along the way. Take your team to the next level with our bespoke events – greater productivity, better communication, boosted creativity.

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