SpyChase Treasure Hunt


SpyChase Treasure Hunt

Ever fancy yourself as a budding James (or Jane) Bond? Only the best of the best make it into MI6 – here’s your chance to prove you’ve got what it takes!

SpyChase is our most popular iPad treasure hunt. Teams find themselves up against the rigorous assessment centre of a spy training facility. They will be tested on their creativity, imagination, logic, deduction and observation skills. The challenges range from basic espionage skills such as blending in to a crowd to a race against time to diffuse a bomb. The teams will need to show they can crack codes, destroy viruses and stealthily spy on rival teams along the way.

Sign up for this double oh-so good event and prove that it’s Mission: Possible for you!

How Do Our iPad Treasure Hunts Work?

Our experienced events manager will take charge of the whole day, so you can relax and leave the hard work to us. We will arm the teams with an iPad that’s loaded with our custom app. The teams will then race around the city aiming for the hotspots indicated on their map. When they reach them, GPS triggered tasks will pop up on the screen. The more challenges they complete and the more creative their photos/videos, the more points their team will earn.

Once the time is up, the teams will reconvene and prizes will be given to the highest scoring team. The debrief will also feature a chance to see the photos and videos each team captured during the day – hilarity guaranteed!

What sort of tasks will the teams complete?

The sky is the limit! There can be trivia based quizzes, brainteasers or puzzles. Other tasks are more creative in their nature and often require a photo or video response. 

Not only are these great fun to take, they provide a fun finale during the debrief when we share each teams’ creative efforts with the whole group. In some tasks, teams need to find real life objects, in others they will need to find answers in the real world around them. Your staff will also hunt for QR codes hidden throughout the city and make use of augmented reality to reveal challenges “floating” around them! Digital weapons will get the competitive spirit going as teams disable each other’s iPads for short periods of time to gain an edge over their rivals.

What Benefits Do Our iPad Treasure Hunts Provide?

Your staff will get to know each other better in a fun and relaxed way. The challenges are designed to foster teamwork and creativity. Team members will need to communicate and cooperate to be successful. Different tasks require different skills, allowing each team member to shine throughout the day. Participants will develop a better understanding of the strengths of their co-workers. These might include the ability to think quickly under time pressure, think laterally so solve a problem, or even unearth some hidden dancing talents…

Your Event, Your Way

We can tailor our treasure hunts to your individual needs. This can be a small touch, like adding your custom branding to the in-game app, to a fully bespoke and unique event for your company. Our events can be used to reinforce your company’s values and brand awareness amongst your staff. We can also add company specific feedback at the end to help you learn more about your employees’ opinions.

Our iPad treasure hunts can be tailored to run anywhere. We can start at your offices and end at a chosen venue.

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Digital Weapons – Fire

Temporarily disable your opponents’ iPads to gain a competitive advantage!

Digital Weapons – Broken Screen

Temporarily disable your opponents’ iPads to gain a competitive advantage!

Digital Weapons – Inverted Screen

Temporarily disable your opponents’ iPads to gain a competitive advantage!

Digital Weapons – Hearts

Temporarily disable your opponents’ iPads to gain a competitive advantage!

Our Special Minigames

All of these can be custom branded to meet  the needs of your company:

Quiz Wheel

Rotate the wheels to match up complimentary words or phrases. These could range from simple synonyms, fun trivia facts and fiendish wordplay puzzles to words that match your company’s principles.

Bespoke Puzzle

We can turn any image into a digital puzzle. Teams must beat the clock to slide the pieces together and recreate the original image. This might be a clue to a later puzzle, a hint to the next location or a custom image to reflect your company’s brand.

Pair Up

Flip cards and try to match identical images against the clock. These images are also fully customisable and can easily reflect your company’s branding or message.

About TeamChase

We are an events company based in Edinburgh, Scotland – though we can run our fully managed team building activities anywhere in the world. Our outdoor digital treasure hunts turn the city into a playground. Using our unique iPad app, each team will race around the city triggering GPS hotspot challenges along the way. Take your team to the next level with our bespoke events – greater productivity, better communication, boosted creativity.

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